AMIJACK jacking pipes are GRP pipes manufactured in a centrifugal casting process in high speed rotating moulds. They are made of polyester resin, glass fibre and silica sand. The pipes are designed for the construction and renovation of underground pipelines using trenchless methods. The pipes feature high ring stiffness and a coupling design in which the outer diameter is similar to the outer pipe diameter.
The AMIJACK product range consists of the following products:

• Standard jacking pipes

• Jacking pipes with injection nozzles

• Jacking pipes for intermediate jacking stations

• Relining pipes

• Fittings based on AMIJACK pipes (elbows, T-pipes, branches, reducers, connectors for embedding, manholes)

• Special, tailored fittings

Jacking technology is the major application for centrifugally cast GRP pipes. The AMIJACK pipe design offers outstanding product advantages, which are important in jacking technologies. It makes this pipe system the ideal solution for such projects and offers added value to customers at competitive prices

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