Durabowl® - Supatuff®

Durabowl® - Supatuff®

PC Technologies Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of the Durabowl® Toilet Pan Range for the Australasian market.

Durabowl® is a vandal resistant toilet that retains the traditional appearance of a ceramic bowl but has the sturdiness and durability to serve public and commercial facilities.
Durabowl® can be personalised with your company logo, inserted with coloured lights or made to your specifications.


• Density (1450-1800)kg/m3
• Coefficient of thermal expansion 8-42 (ºC x 10-6)
• Coefficient of thermal conductivity 0.25 W/mºC
• Flow Coefficient Hazen Williams 150
• Barcol Hardness (35-45)
• Excellent Machinability
• Adaptable to standard fittings
• Light weight for easy installation
• Cost effective
• Will not shatter or shard


• WELS registration No. R002073
• Watermark Certification Licence No. 23013
• Housing NSW compliant

Durabowl® v’s Ceramic

Durabowl® provides a robust, yet attractive toilet, that will outlast a ceramic toilet with proven durability in harsh public and commercial environments.

In many applications ceramic toilets don’t have the durability and strength necessary for survival in public amenities. Kicking, smashing and glasses being dropped into the bowl of a ceramic toilet causes cracks, crazing and fractures that require the expensive replacement and pose OH&S hazards.

The typical cost in engaging a plumber to replace a toilet is usually in excess of $200. Our research
has shown that in tough environments the Durabowl™ is at least 10 times more durable than a conventional ceramic toilet, so significant cost savings are achieved by you.
Durabowl® v’s Stainless Steel
Stainless steel toilets certainly provide durability, but are well behind Durabowl® where style and aesthetics are concerned.

Stainless steel has a heavy duty/industrial look and feel generally not suited to a large many of applications and are considerably more expensive than Durabowl™. Stainless steel toilets allow plastic cups and glasses to pass around the larger diameter “S” or “P” trap of the toilet and enter the sewerage system, causing expensive and damaging blockages.

Potential Applications of Durabowl®

• Public amenities
• Hospitals
• Nursing homes & aged care facilities
• Correctional facilities
• Disabled facilities
• Schools and child care centres
• Shopping centres
• Sporting facilites/grounds/stadiums
• Hotels, motels, pubs and clubs
• Domestic premises
• Office premises


For all installation instructions and product data please access the RPC website.

Contact our Broadmeadow office or email enquiries@rpctechnologies.com

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